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Save Time

Having a Smashteck Farm Cam on your farm saves you a lot of time. Knowing exactly what's happening in your shed or farm yard without physically waiting around for something to happen or not.

Save Money

Being able to intervene when it is necessary to save an animal,  can save you the price of that animal. Time is money, so you get more done elsewhere whilst still monitoring your animals remotely.


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Peace Of Mind

Having a Smashteck Farm Cam gives you true peace of mind. Having the ability to monitor your livestock when it matters either on the go or at home, in bed, or making a cup of tea.

Feel More Secure

Our farm cams will allow you to monitor your shed or yard 24/7. The distinct camera would also deter any unwanted visitors to your farm from getting upto no good.


Order Your Farm Camera Now!

Installed By Us

We can expertly and professionally install and configure your farm camera system for you. Ensuring the job is done right the first time, saving you time and hassle. We install Monday to Friday in Sligo and Mayo. If you are outside this area or only available at the weekends, talk to us we are very flexible.

Do It Yourself Wireless Cameras

We also have a number of wireless cameras suitable for self installation. If you technically savvy and can use a hammer drill and ladder then maybe this is the option for you. Simply order one of our IP rated wireless cameras online or pick one up in-store.

The Smashteck Connect Smart Farm Camera System has been designed from the ground up with farm and livestock monitoring at its core.

Whilst the main objective is to monitor activity on your farm remotely, the camera provides a highly visible deterent to unwelcome visitors.

We know that every farm is different, not only in its layout but also in its type of livestock, farm equipment and working practices.

The Smashteck Connect Team will work with you to ensure we provide the best solution.

  About Our Smart Farm/Agri Camerasfarm camera

Our Smart Farm Camera Kits are assembled by our own team of technicians. We ensure all devices and equipment are of the highest standard and designed to withstand the rugged environment of the farm and of the Irish climate.

The only requirement on your side is to have a working powered socket available near the location you want the camera(s) installed.

What Is Included In The Price

  • 1 X HD Waterproof 18X Zoom.  PTZ Camera
  • 2 X  2.4Ghz Ubiquiti Access Points
  • 3 X CAT 5 Cable Runs
  • 1 X Main Control Box
  • 1X Installation Of The Above Equipment

Camera Features

  • 1080P standard H.264 video compression
  • 2.0 megapixel CMOS sensor, 18X optical zoom
  • PC surveillance software
  • Mobile phone app for android and apple
  • IP66 waterproof grade

The camera offers the best quality picture (especially in low light situations). Its features are not always found on other cameras or farm cam solutions.

The camera offers a full 18X optical zoom which is available through the app. We know from experience this is not always an option with other apps or cameras.

Some other cameras may offer optical zoom, but the phone app may only allow for digital zoom which means when you zoom in you lose the quality of the image. That's Not The Case With Our Camera.

smart cam1
cross platform mobile application development

Monitor Your Camera(s)

  • On An Apple iPhone Or iPad Using The IOS App
  • View On Android Phone Or Tablet
  • PC Camera Monitoring Software

You have a number of options to view your cameras straight away. As listed above you can view the cameras on iPhones, tablets, iPads, and computer.

To view the camera on your TV, extra equipment is required for this option so give us a call and we can go over this with you.

The Smart Farm Camera System 

camera diagram point to point1

  Some Common Questions Answered

Do I need an internet connection in my shed or on my farm already?

If you already have a broadband always-on internet connection at your house the system can use that as a means for you to connect to the camera. If you don't have an internet connection at the moment, speak to our team about other available options. Please note you will require a data package with your mobile provider to view the camera on your mobile device.

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What is required on my behalf?

The only requirement is standard working electrical socket near the location you wish to position your camera. This is required to power the control box that manages the camera and any other devices connected to it, such as access points.

Can I have more than one camera?

Yes. Our standard kit comes with one camera which gives you the ability to view 360 degrees around your shed, farm yard etc. You can add extra cameras to the system. talk to us about the options available.

A multiple camera setup might include your main PTZ camera in the slatted house where you want to monitor your livestock and view close up images. With an additional  static camera on the outside of the slatted house to view the yard or driveway. 

Is it a once off payment or a subscription?

Our standard kit and installations are a once off payment. If you require us to install an internet connection a subscription to the service would be required.

Does the camera(s) record?

This option is available but not standard. Talk to a member of the connect team regarding the different recording options available.





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Smashteck Connect offers a broadband service in the Sligo, Mayo area along with offering other services like Smart Farm Cameras, Mobile Signal Boosters. and a general Tech Call Out Service covering Mayo and Sligo.

Our aim is to have simple, affordable solutions to everyday problems our customers have with technology.

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