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Improve your Wi-Fi  Signal

These days we depend more and more on our home WiFi to keep our devices connected. Having poor signal can cause allot of frustration.

If you find your Wi-Fi connection dropping unexpectedly for no obvious reason or simply not picking up your signal in certain areas in your house, we have a few solutions to solve the problem.

We will first point out some common causes of WiFi issues and then give some general pointers to improve your WiFi signal in those areas of the house where you currently find problems.

Common Causes Of WiFi Issues

Interference From Other Devices
CAUSE: Allot of electronics can cause interference with wifi signal, devices such as wireless doorbells, cordless phones, wireless CCTV cameras and even microwave ovens can cause WiFi to be interfered with causing dropouts and connection issues.
POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Move your router away from the other electrical device causing the interference.

CAUSE: If you live in a built up area such as a housing estate or apartment block you may also find your neighbours wireless routers can be causing a conflict
POSSIBLE SOLUTION: If you have access to your routers configuration page you can try changing the channel number on the router. A better solution would be to purchase a 5 gigahertz router if all of your connected devices are compatible.

Simple Ways To Improve Your WiFi

Whilst the above suggestions may not solve your issue, these simple effective products below should definitely  get your sorted


DSL Router Upgrade


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