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Mobile Connectivity Ireland

 Mobile internet is one of the best solutions when you need a temporary connection or an internet connection that you can bring with you.

Whether you travel allot for work or require a connection while you're out and about we will have a solution for you. No more searching for a hotspot in a hotel, coffee shop or having to deal with sharing connections and speeds with other people. You will have your own connection which is safe, secure and all yours!

Our Internet On The Go Kits  Are Perfect For:

  • Temporary office or workspaces
  • Traveling merchants that need the internet for payments and communicating with customers on the go.
  • Touring holidays, to ensure you have the internet while on holidays.
  • Internet connections for DIY farm and agri cameras.

The USB mobile broadband dongle is a great solution for those that require internet access using one device such as a laptop or computer. These dongles also work with compatible routers to allow you to create or join your home network allowing mobile data as either your main gateway to the internet.


the advantage of using a mobile phone network for your internet access is your internet connection moves with you. Using a MiFi hotspot allows you to access the internet while on the go. As they have a built in battery you won't need to be looking for a power outlet to plug in your device. You can also share your connection with your friends or family members who are with you.


3. 4g dongle +  Portable 3G/4G Router  (€45 & 79.99)  =  €119.99

upto 20 users*

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4. 4g dongle +  Portable 3G/4G Router plus small antenna (€45 & 79.99 & 29.99 €24.99) =  €139.99


5. 4g dongle +  Portable 3G/4G Router plus large antenna (€45 & 79.99 & 29.99 & €34.99) =  €149.99






About Us

Smashteck Connect offers a broadband service in the Sligo, Mayo area along with offering other services like Smart Farm Cameras, Mobile Signal Boosters. and a general Tech Call Out Service covering Mayo and Sligo.

Our aim is to have simple, affordable solutions to everyday problems our customers have with technology.

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Phone: 087 4616352


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