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Suitable For Keeping An Eye On Elderly And Vulnerable Relatives.

Listen In

A very useful feature available on some smart cameras give you the ability to watch and listen, so you can hear what’s happening in your home.

Night Vision

See what’s happening, even if the light is off or in low-lit areas, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Choose a camera that supports night vision.

Speak To Them

Some of our range of smart cameras allow you to talk via the camera through the on board speaker and communicate with people close to the camera.

Room Temperature

Know if your relative is warm enough, some of the Smart cameras we stock give you the ability to check the temperature and even get notified if low or high temperatures are reached.

View On Multiple Devices

Whether you want to view the feed on PC iPhone or Android, all of the options are available with easy to use apps or web logins.

Pan, Tilt, And Zoom

these features give you the ability to see the whole room. Simply by swiping the screen on your mobile device, the camera can pan to an area of a room or zoom in for a closer look.

vulnerableOur range of cameras are ideal for helping you keep an eye on your elderly or vulnerable loved ones. Our smart cameras can ensure the people you care about are safe while your away or at work. You have the ability to peek in while you're out and ensure they are safe and well.

The smart cameras we stock also come with extra features such as allowing you to listen in on the room your relatives are in using an integrated microphone

Some cameras also have the ability to hear you with the built-in speaker. These smart cameras are the perfect solution for you as an elderly care camera, and can give them a secure feeling and you peace of mind.

All the camera we stock allow you to monitor your elderly relatives using your Smartphone, tablet or computer; with a simple to use app. Making it easy for you to check to see if everything is OK.

Some of the cameras even offer the ability to be notified if intrusion is detected with the motion sensor facility.

You also have the option to check things like room temperature and get notified if the temperature of the room is to hot or cold.

Video footage and images can also be saved onto any compatible connected device.

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Smashteck Connect offers a broadband service in the Sligo, Mayo area along with offering other services like Smart Farm Cameras, Mobile Signal Boosters. and a general Tech Call Out Service covering Mayo and Sligo.

Our aim is to have simple, affordable solutions to everyday problems our customers have with technology.

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